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Australian residing Croatian-Bosnian musician and producer Klara Zubonja leads listeners on a journey through her unique world of alternative left-field pop music. She defies genres, blending in elements from experimental soul, jazz, lo-fi, electronica, r&b, and well, other. 

Her music is often an exploration of her innermost thoughts and feelings, and each song is a passionate expression of her own experiences within an earnest atmosphere. Her music has a unique blend of alt-pop, soulful melodies and thoughtful lyrics infused with an eclectic mix of influences from artists such as Willow Smith, Greentea Peng, Cleo Sol, Alewya, Kali Uchis, Jaala, Warpaint and various world music. 

Since the release of her debut album Stuck Between in late 2016 and her EP at the end of 2018 Eye To Eye, it is no secret that Klara has been consistently pushing her sound and style in new directions and continues to explore new avenues of expression as she grows and evolves. 

Klara’s compositions are a perfect blend of both the intimate and the expansive, her songs are catchy and memorable, but also contain an intelligent and heartfelt depth. From her experimental soundscapes to her beautifully crafted and infectious pop melodies, Klara Zubonja is certainly an artist to keep an eye on. No matter how far she takes you through her genre-crossing and bending pop music, you can always count on her unique idiosyncratic style to be there, providing an ever-changing but always reliable sound.

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